25th Sept 2011 Synopsis
We used to picture Mary as “Saint” because of her complete obedience to God to be the virgin mother of Jesus. We see the wonderful and amazing faith she had and her willingness to endure all kinds of shame and even death to obey God. Indeed she is amazing! But was her faith in God throughout her life strong and never weak? Has she ever failed to trust in God? If yes, how did she regain her faith in God?
1. “Was he out of his mind?” ( Mk. 3:20-35)Some people, especially the religious leaders said that he is demon possessed (out of his mind, besides himself, crazy) when they saw Jesus casting out demons. Then his family came to take charge of him, probably thinking to take him home and not to let him continue to work in his own enthusiasm (out of his mind). Jesus then taught disciples that the blood relationship, our earthly family tie is not as important as our tie among brothers and sisters with common faith in Christ. This might sound like a rebuke to Mary, his mother. Has she really understood him and done the right thing by going to interfere his ministry? Was her faith in Him strong and faultless at that time? Does she let “her son” be her “Lord” in that event? Do we accept Jesus as who he is and let him be our Lord, either? Or do we think we know better than he does, especially for our own lives? Can we surrender our wills and decisions to him and let him be our Lord no matter how the things go? Can we let God fulfill his purpose in our children’ lives? 
2. “Is my son the Son of God whom God promised to save Israel?” (John 19:25-27)When Jesus was crucified, Mary stood in front of the cross. Would she be wondering: Where is God? Why didn’t he save Jesus, her son? Didn’t the angel promise her that her son Jesus will sit on the throne of David and rule over Israel forever? But her dream has been broken when her son died on the cross. We all have plans for our children. When our children cannot fulfill our plans for them, how do we feel? Disappointed? Heartbroken? Or angry? Have we sought God’s will for their future? Do we and our children understand that ultimately the purpose of their lives is to glorify God, not to glorify parents or themselves? When we are suffering and God seems so far away, do we still trust in Him? When what we hope or pray for a long time does not come through, do we still trust in Him? 
3. “He is the risen Lord. “( Acts 1:12-14) Jesus died on the cross, yet he did not remain on the cross, nor decay in the grave. He rose again to life. He is the one he claimed to be- the Son of God. Disciples must have witnessed to Mary about their experiences with the risen Lord. And Mary believed their testimony and started praying together constantly with disciples waiting for the promised Holy Spirit to pour out on them. She finally understood and accepted Him as the living God. He is the Savior and Lord, not in her wishful way, but in His sovereign way, not through his mighty power to set them free from Romans’ control, but through dying on the cross to set us free from the bondage of sins, not only to restore the kingdom of  Israel but to redeem the whole world.
Have we met and trusted in this living God now? Have we understood and accepted that his ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts? Do we let him truly be our Lord and let him lead our lives in the midst of all difficulties, suffering, uncertainty, and let him guide our decision making in every aspect of our lives? Have our children met the risen Lord? Have we passed on the most important and valuable inheritance to them, that is the faith in Jesus? 
God allows the failures of men and women to be recorded in the Bible because it encourages us. We can see our weaknesses and sins in the lives of those Bible characters. Yet his grace is much bigger than our weaknesses. To those who turn to God, he opens his arms and welcomes them. God restored Mary’s faith and hope. He can restore ours also. 
Let’s come back to our loving and living Lord who knows us and accepts us as who we are.
Mrs. Debbie Fachhai