What is the ultimate aim of Christian home school? 
When and where do we teach? We are to teach Bible based life principles and values to our children and grandchildren when we sit at home (any time); when we walk along the road (when we walk, when we drive and when we are in a journey); when we lie down (when we go to bed – bed time stories); and when we get up (morning devotions, dinning table prayers, etc). It’s a 24/7 teaching sessions. It’s a pity that, today, many families put spiritual teaching responsibilities on the church and education responsibility on school. Home should be primary place where these teachings should take place. Church and School should only supplement what we lack or miss at home.
Will making our homes Christian home schools guarantee automatic godliness in our children and grand children. This question is irrelevant for Christians. What we need to do is to obey God’s commandment and make every effort to lead our children towards godliness through life examples and leave the result to God. Generally speaking, yes, they will become godly men and women, for God will not abandon those who love him and obey his commandments. In order to achieve the goal of making our children and grandchildren godly men and women, we need to follow this order of priority: God first; Family second; Ministry/work third. The most precious legacy and inheritance we leave for our children and grandchildren is not big houses, hectares of land, fat bank accounts, good businesses, good educations, and/or good jobs; the most precious and invaluable inheritance we must leave for our children and grandchildren is the knowledge and fear of God. If we do that, it will just go well with them.
May the Lord help us all to make our homes Christian home schools so that it may go well with us, our children and grandchildren!
Dr. Laiu Fachhai